Green Retrofits

What is a green retrofit?

Green retrofits are any kind of elevation at an existing building that is wholly or partially occupied to improve energy and environmental performance, reduce water use, and improve the comfort and quality of the space in terms of natural light, air quality, and noise—all done in a way that it is financially beneficial to the owner.

A growing number of companies are implementing green retrofits of their buildings to save money, improve productivity, lower absenteeism and healthcare costs, strengthen employee attraction and retention, and improve their corporate sustainability reports and brand equity at a relatively modest cost. The earlier, a company performs a green retrofit, the more differentiation it stands to gain, as we believe that the increasing interest in green building among businesses will soon make green construction practices mainstream. Companies that cannot afford to construct a new green building, or that cannot afford the cost and disturbance of moving to a green building or of undertaking a green renovation of their existing conservative workplaces, may find that green retrofits are a practical way to improve their sustainability, reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and acquire many benefits of green workplaces.

Co-Energi provides ongoing facility-wide solutions, service, and maintenance to support you to implement a green retrofit to your buildings.